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Setting up SSO SAML Authentication on Kahootz

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This knowledgebase article provides a basic overview of setting up SSO SAML on your Kahootz site.

We do also have in-depth documentation for Setting up SAML Authentication on Kahootz via PDF.

That PDF details the whole process on both sides including guidance on each identity provider.

Along with a more user-friendly quick and simple step-by-step process guide

If you wish to review either documentation, please ask the support team.

Kahootz TIP: If you are applying or thinking of changing your Kahootz domain ie: your website URL address, it is strongly recommended that is done prior to any SSO SAML implementation in order to prevent it from breaking your connection & saving you from having to repeat the whole process again.

I confirm that Kahootz supports the following identity providers.

  • ADFS 3.x and 4.x / Azure / Auth 0 / Okta and Ping One Federate.

Step 1 – The client creates a support ticket and provides a point of contact.

Step 2 – Kahootz Support configures/generates and provides metadata to the client.

Step 3 – Client configures idP using metadata and provides their own metadata to Kahootz Support.

Step 4 – Kahootz Support applies the client’s metadata and enables SSO SAML on the client’s site, test/confirm.

If you're ready to implement SSO SAML, require assistance or have any technical related questions.
Please click the link to open a support ticket or alternatively, please directly email

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