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Survey has Closed (Review the Responses / Answers)

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Reviewing the Responses / Answers:

  1. Go to the location where you created your survey.

  2. To view the results, click on your survey to open it.

  3. You’ll see three tabs across the top...
    Overview, Responses & Manage.

  4. Select the “Responses” tab from the options above.

  5. Six tabs will now be displayed across the top of the page underneath the “Responses” tab...
    Summary, Table of Responses, Respondents, Non-Respondents, Search Responses & Export.

  6. Summary: shows the totals for each question, which you can view and report on.
    Table of Responses: shows all respondents and responses in a table format.
    Respondents: shows a list of all the respondents who have responded.
    Non-Respondents: shows a list of users who have not responded.
    Search Responses: allows you to search your responses easily.
    Export: helps you to pull the data off into various formats.

Please click here if you need assistance with creating a survey.

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