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Generally, we receive a lot of support emails regarding the contents of your workspace. Whilst we can help with using the Kahootz software, we have no knowledge of the projects our clients are running through the site, so we're not in a position to investigate the contents of a workspace.
If you have a question about the content of a workspace, or the permissions on it, you'll need to contact the workspace manager - their details should be on the homepage of the workspace, or failing that you may be able to contact them through the Account > Private Message page.
Please refer to article: How to contact the workspace manager
If you have a question for the other members of a workspace, you may find the workspace contains a discussion forum setup for such communication - that should be listed in the left-hand menu. Alternatively, you may be able to send them a private message (If appropriate - all Kahootz workspaces are different, so discussion may or may not have been included)
However, if you feel it's related to the software rather than the contents, please do contact us via
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