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How-To Change eMail Preferences

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Kahootz allows you to control the email notifications you receive, so you can avoid filling your mailbox with unnecessary alerts.

Kahootz Tip: Read this article to see the full list of alerts and notifications that are sent via email preferences.

General settings

You can choose to be sent an immediate email:

  • When something personal to you happens (like being assigned a task or sent a private message or something is shared with you.)
  • When you're being reminded about something (like a task that's due or a calendar event.)
  • When you're the person that's made a change.

You can then choose to apply these settings:

  • Across all your workspaces.
  • Or set the preferences for each workspace individually.


You can choose to be sent an immediate email:

  • Never
  • About things you're subscribed to
  • About the main changes
  • About things you're subscribed to and the main changes 

And a summary email:

  • Never
  • Daily
  • Weekly 
Kahootz Tip: The main changes are new documents, blog articles, web pages, links, discussion forum, messages and surveys.

Changing your email preferences

To change your email preferences:

1. Open "My Dashboard"

2. Click "Account" then "Email Preferences" from the drop down.

3. Modify your preferences.

4. Click "Save."


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