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What Alerts & Notifications are sent via eMail Preferences

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Setting your email preferences ensures you only receive notifications of activity that's important to you.

You can also control the frequency of these alerts so you're not bombarded with emails.

Below are the alerts and notifications you'll receive depending on the preferences you've chosen.

Kahootz Tip: Read this KB article for more information on how to change your email preferences.

General settings

You can choose to be sent an immediate email when something personal to you happens such as:

  • Assigned a task
  • Invited to an event
  • An event you were invited to is canceled
  • An event you were invited to is modified
  • Sent a private message
  • You uploaded a file that has a virus
  • A discussion forum message we rejected by a moderator
  • You are being reminded to answer a survey by the owner
  • When I'm being reminded about something (like a task that's due or a calendar event)
  • That's just tasks and calendar events.  Nothing else.

Workspace settings

You can choose to:

  • Use the same settings for all workspaces.
  • Set the preferences for each of your workspaces individually.


An immediate email can be sent to you:

  • Never
  • About things, I'm subscribed to
  • About the main changes
  • About things, I'm subscribed to and the main changes
Note: The main changes are new documents, blog articles, web pages links, discussion forum messages, and surveys)

Summary email

You can also choose to be sent a summary email:

• Never

• Daily

• Weekly


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