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Maximum file size you can Upload or Download

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The maximum individual file size that you can upload through our progress bar uploader is 20GB. That's quite a large file - roughly the contents of 4 DVDs or the equivalent of combining 200,000 documents into one file.

In places where you can upload several files at a time, the limit applies to individual files, not the total of all files.

Note: If you're using our "Accessible Uploader," the upload limit is 512MB.

When uploading very large files, remember the upload will only go as fast as the slowest point on the network between your computer and the Kahootz servers. That's often your own internet connection, particularly if shared with other users at your location.

Kahootz Tip: You can add more than one document at once! If you add a file with the same name as an existing document, instead of creating a new document, your new file will be added as a new version of the existing file.

Zip files

When uploading a ZIP file, you can either keep it as a single file or expand it within your workspace.

If your ZIP file contains folders & you choose to unzip, the folder structure inside your ZIP file will be created in your workspace.
However, please note that if you do not have any files within those folders inside your ZIP,  it will report that no file was uploaded.
New versions of documents will be created if they already exist in your workspace, otherwise, they'll be created as new items.

Note: The maximum amount of files a ZIP can contain is 200.

Comments, Tasks, and Related Items

It's possible to enable comments, tasks, and related items now, or at a later date:

  • Comments allow you to receive feedback from users, so you don't have to chase them to hear what they think!
  • Adding tasks helps keep track of who's actually read or edited the document. You can assign a task to a workspace member, which they'll need to mark as done once they've read/edited it.
  • Another useful tool is connecting items which have related content - this works well as a "See also" tool.


When downloading, the file size is not limited to how many documents you have & we'll generate the ZIP file in the backend.

When you click "Download all Documents" it generates this file in the backend & for several reasons, we have to limit that job.

If your ZIP file is small then it'll run, otherwise, you'll be presented with an error message advising you've exceeded the size limit.

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