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Survey Question Types

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Surveys should go beyond asking for simple Yes/No answers. To ensure you get maximum insight from your stakeholders, you need to use a variety of question types.

When creating a survey in Kahootz, you can choose from many different question types, so you get the answers you require.

The options you can select from are:

  • Select One - Users can choose one answer from a selection of options.
  • Select Many - Users can choose one or more answers.
  • Score - Users can give a numeric score to each option in a set of options.
  • Rating - Users can rate each option in a set of options using a scale of your choosing. A common example is to rate on a scale from "Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree"
  • Open - Users can type in an answer to your question.
  • File - Users can upload one or more files.
  • Text/Image - Provides instructions, section headings or background information to users.
Kahootz Tip: You use input masks to ensure the format of the answers are consistent. For more information, click here.


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