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Embedding Twitter Feeds, Tweets & Hashtags on Your Dashboard

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One of the many ways to customise your Kahootz dashboard is to embed Twitter feeds.
This means that you can view feeds of relevant accounts or hashtags without leaving your workspace.

This process requires setting up a "Twitter Widget" on the site and then putting that on your Kahootz dashboard using the Applet dashboard item.
You will need: 

  • Access to a business or personal Twitter account (this can be any account - it doesn't need to be the account you want to display).
  • To read and agree to Twitter’s Developer Agreement and Twitter Developer Policy.
  • The ability to add Applets to a dashboard. Please note that these may be disabled by policy on sites with higher security settings.

To embed a Twitter Feed, Collection, Tweets, Profile and more on your Kahootz dashboard:

First on Twitter

  1. Go to as these are no longer managed through the standard twitter account.
  2. Enter the web URL of the timeline, hashtag or moment you'd like to embed, for example, or @Kahootz) and press enter.

    (Read more on Twitter’s information about embedded widget styles and customisation)
  3. Select a display option, (we suggest the embedded timeline.)
  4. Click Set Customisation Options, as shown below if you wish to make changes to the colour or styling.
  5. We also recommend setting the height to 600 and then click update
  6. Click Copy Code

Then on Kahootz

  1. Go to your Kahootz Dashboard where you want to display the feed and click Configure Dashboard.
  2. From the Add New Dashboard Item dropdown, choose Applet.
  3. Provide the Applet with a Title, paste the code you copied into the Code Box shown and press the Right Arrow.
  4. Drag & Drop your new Applet to a different location on the Dashboard if needed.
  5. Click Save at the bottom of your dashboard which will now show the widget in action.

If you wish to customise or change the actual content of the feed after you've embedded it.
There are many options available, simply go to where you've embedded into within Kahootz and press Embed
(Refer back to the Twitter steps 3 & 4 above)
Any changes will update the code link on Twitter which you'll need to re-copy and paste the code into your Kahootz dashboard to apply those changes.

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