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Embed X Twitter Timeline Feeds \ Tweets to Your Dashboard

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One of the many ways to customise your Kahootz dashboard is to embed Twitter timelines & tweets.
You can then view tweets for relevant accounts using @username without leaving your workspace.

Please follow these instructions to embed a timeline feed\tweets to your Kahootz dashboard.


  1. Go to X (Twitter) website ( and search for an account or person.

  2. View their profile and remember\copy their @username, for example, @Kahootz.


  1. Now, go to the dashboard where you wish to add your X (Twitter) timeline.

  2. Click on the “Configure my dashboard or Workspace dashboard” depending on which one.

  3. Click the “Add item” button and select ‘X (Twitter)’ from the available options.

  4. Select ‘X (Twitter)’ from under the Integration section.

  5. Paste the @username into the X (Twitter) window.

  6. Provide it with a name, max height & background.

  7. Click “Close” to minimise the side window.

  8. Click “Save Changes” at the bottom.

  9. Your X (Twitter) will now show.

Tip: If you’re logged into X (Twitter) your tweets display in date order
Your tweets will be displayed in count order if you're not logged in.

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