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Dashboard Builder FAQs

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Why have you created the dashboard builder?

 It's been built to let you easily create responsive, interactive and accessible dashboards in Kahootz.

We've looked at how our users’ have designed their dashboards with our existing editor and have tried to simplify that process. 

Can we set a custom colour palette for our own platform?

At the moment, we've deliberately kept the default palette to eight colours, so you can create consistent workspace designs.

If you’re a Kahootz Enterprise client, and you have your own branded website, that is something we can set up for you as part of your branding. 

Do edits to the dashboard save automatically or do you always have to press save?

If you make changes to your dashboard, you have to scroll to the bottom of the page to save them. 

Changes won’t be applied unless you press the save button. 

Can you expand on the applets? Does Kahootz have an applets market? 

Kahootz has always provided the option to add an applet item to your dashboard, by pasting in code from a third-party website. The most common use of the applet, is to embed a Twitter feed.

We don't have an applet market at the moment. But what you'll find is most mainstream websites (including the major social media platforms,) can provide JavaScript code you can paste into your applet item.

What we are going to do, is create a Knowledgebase article containing links to recommended applets.

However, as these have been created by third parties, we can’t provide any support if they stop working for any reason.

Note: Some Kahootz sites have the applet facility turned off. If this is the case, please contact your site owner for more information.

In addition, we’ll be updating the list of dashboard items available to you on an ongoing basis. The first new item will be a countdown timer which will be released in the near future.

How can I create a tag cloud and ticker from the demonstration? 

Tag clouds are one of the built-in dashboard items within Kahootz and are really easy to add using the builder.

Note: Tag clouds are only available on workspace dashboards, (if enabled on your Kahootz site.)

The ticker is a third-party piece of code, which you can add via an applet item.  The code is below:

<marquee style="font-size:30px">Your ticker text</marquee>

Note: This code is not supported by Kahootz, so we're unable to provide assistance if it doesn’t work for any reason. 

Can I work on a dashboard in a staging area so it doesn't look messy whilst under construction?

It’s not currently possible to work on a dashboard in a staging area before publishing. But that's functionality we’ll certainly consider adding to the product in the future.

However, as Kahootz dashboards get more sophisticated, we understand you will be investing more and more time in building up your designs.

So, in the future, we will be adding options such as save as draft, undo and auto save so you don’t lose your changes if you accidentally navigate away from the page before saving.

What future enhancements are you planning?

We've got some exciting plans for the dashboard builder, including:

•    New dashboard items

•    New icons

•    The ability to add your own custom icons

•    More custom colours to choose from 

•    Integration with an open source image library to let you choose high quality public domain imagery to put on your dashboards.

Is it possible to provide feedback about the dashboard builder?  

We would absolutely love any feedback you have based upon using the dashboard builder, so we can improve it in the future.

If you have layouts in mind you don't feel you can achieve, please let us know about it on the support desk, as it will help us prioritise improvements moving forward.

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