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How-To Reset My Password using "I Forgot My Password" Link - Knowledgebase Articles / How-To - Software Support

How-To Reset My Password using "I Forgot My Password" Link

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If you have forgotten the password for your Kahootz site, you can reset it by:

  1. Visiting the login screen for your Kahootz site.
  2. Clicking the "I Forgot my Password" link underneath the "Password" field.
  3. Entering your "Registered Email Address" on the site and clicking "Check Details."

Once you have submitted the form you will be presented with the screen below.


If your email address is registered on the Kahootz site, you'll receive an email containing a link to set a new password. If your email address isn't registered on the site, Kahootz will send an email saying that you do not have an account.

Kahootz Tip: As a security measure, Kahootz won't show if an email address isn't registered on the screen. This means that potential attackers won't be able to find out if an address is registered or not by requesting to set a new password, as they would also need access to your email account.


  • If you have multiple email addresses, make sure you have entered the correct one.
  • Not logged on recently? Some site owners choose to delete accounts of inactive users in order to free up licenses. If you believe this to be the case, please contact the site owner to request access.
  • Haven't received the password reset email? We recommend you check your junk folder in case the email gets sent there, instead of your inbox. If you still cannot find the email, contact your local IT team as they have likely quarantined or marked the email as spam.
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