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Workspace Templates

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What are Workspace Templates

If you have a particular use case for Kahootz, instead of creating multiple workspaces with the same folder content.
You may want to create a workspace template to have some related content, structure, and permissions already set up. 

Tip: If you cannot select "New Workspace" then you do not have the relevant permissions.
You must Contact the Site Owners who can give you permission or create the workspace.

This is extremely useful if you require several workspaces that work similarly.
For example, regional areas that all need the same workspace structure.
This will save you time setting up the new individual workspaces.

As shown below, the standard Kahootz templates are available when creating a new workspace.

Why Create Workspace Templates

If you have a workspace, you'd like to copy - for example, a good layout you'd like to use to start all your projects.
Kahootz can add that to the list of Workspace Templates (see image above) offered when creating new workspaces.


Who can Create Workspace Templates?

Only the Site Owners can approve the request to add a Workspace Template to your site.
If you're a Site Owner and want to add one, raise a ticket to the Kahootz Support Team.
If you're a standard user, you must contact your Site Owners and ask them to add it.


How do I Add Workspace Templates

The best way is to create a new workspace and dedicate it solely as the template for that workspace.

We’ll then use that workspace to create the template from, so if you later down the line require some changes.

You make the changes inside that “workspace template” you’ve created, and we’ll simply update your template.

Therefore, once you’ve got a workspace you would like to template, contact the Kahootz Support Team.

When contacting support, please provide the name of the workspace you wish to use for the template.

Along with the name of what to label\name the workspace template, which we'll then export for you.

Once it's been added to your site, you can create a workspace from the template to test.


Custom Workspace Templates

Tip: Templates don't need to be permanent. You can customise your workspace after it's been created from a template.

Here are some examples of custom Workspace Templates we've created internally to show you how they'll appear on your site:

License Type

Tip: In order to create custom workspace templates, an Enterprise license is required.

If you DO NOT have an Enterprise license, your Site Owners must contact their Account Manager.

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