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Who can view my Workspaces & How-To Change the Permissions

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of “17th July 2023” Private workspaces have been changed to Confidential.

Workspace privacy and permissions give you complete control over what your users can see and do within your workspace.

Knowing if your workspace is Open, Restricted, Private, Confidential, or Custom is important as a Workspace Manager.

Go to the Workspace Dashboard & view the Workspace Information section containing the Workspace Privacy.

Your Workspace may not have the Workspace Information item/widget, so you must review the Workspace Settings.

  1. Click the Manage Workspace "cogwheel icon" and select Settings from the drop-down menu.

  2. Click on the Permissions tab at the top to review the Workspace Permissions.

Workspace Managers can change their Privacy settings from this page.

The one selected is the current workspace's access level/privacy.

To change it, select one from the list and click Save.

These are the available options.

How do I know if my workspace is viewable to the public

If you have the necessary permissions to make workspaces visible to the public.
You’ll see the Custom option above, which allows even more control over the settings.

Using the Custom option, you can set a workspace so that the content is only visible to members.
But anyone (even members of the public) can see that the workspace exists and can request to join.

When someone visits a workspace that they can see the existence of but not the contents, they’re taken to a "Request to Join" page. 
The request to join is sent to the Workspace Managers, who can review and invite the person to that workspace if they wish.

If you cannot see the Custom option and wish to make your workspace publically accessible, contact your Site Owners.

You can also choose who can view the list of members and who can invite people to join the workspace.


Who can view the list of members?

This controls who can see a list of users in your workspace. 

It's automatically set to Managers; however, you can change the drop-down to Members if required.

Who can invite people to join the workspace?

This controls who is allowed to invite others to your workspace.

It's generally set to Managers; however, you can change the drop-down to Members if required.

Reviewing Permissions

You can also Review Permissions across the entire workspace via Manage this Workspace.

Click the Manage Workspace "cogwheel icon" and select All Manager Functions from the drop-down menu.

Then from the left-hand side, select Review Permissions from the available options.

Please review this Knowledgebase Article for more detailed information.

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