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How-To Add/Delete Authenticator Device for Two-Step Verification - Knowledgebase Articles / Security / Privacy - Software Support

How-To Add/Delete Authenticator Device for Two-Step Verification

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If you no longer want to use or can't access your device for two-step verification, you'll need to remove it from your Kahootz profile and add a new device..

To do this:

1. Log into your account.

Note: If you can no longer access your device, please contact Kahootz Support for a one-off recovery code.

2. Click "Account" then "Password & Security" from the dropdown menu.
3. Select the "Security Devices" tab, if you already have an existing device registered, it will show on this page.

Note: If you’ve lost or changed your device you’ll need to delete it from the list above before proceeding.

If you've removed or don’t have any existing devices registered, your page will look like this:

4. Click "Add a New Security Device" to set up a new device.
5. Enter your "Current Password," add a "Device Name" and click "Next"
6. Now open the Authenticator App on your new device and click "Add account."

Kahootz Tip: To learn how to install an Authenticator App on your device, please click here.

Depending on the Authenticator App being used... will depend on the next instructions you need to follow.
Microsoft - Select "Other Accounts" from the list which will ask for access to your camera (we recommend you select yes.)
Google - Select "Scan a QR code" from the list, refer to the next steps below.

7. Scan the QR code shown on the screen within your Kahootz account profile.

8. Your account will now be added to the app, you'll then be provided with a security code.
9. Enter this code into your Kahootz account profile and click "Check."
9. Your new device will now appear within your "Security Devices" list.

Next time you log into Kahootz, you will be asked to enter a security code.  You can use your Authenticator App to generate one.

What if my codes generated next don't work?

The authenticator app generates a security code based on the current time, so the device that the app is running on (e.g. your mobile phone) and our Kahootz servers have to be roughly in agreement about what time it is for the process to work.  The generated code is valid for about 60 seconds (to allow for clock skew), but if your device’s clock is out by more than that then the security code it generates will not be valid on the Kahootz servers.

On the device you're using to generate the codes, go to to check & confirm your clock is within 60 seconds - If it's not, please adjust your device's clock.

Recovery codes

Sometimes you may not have access to your Authenticator App when you need to log into Kahootz. 
This is why we recommend you generate a set of recovery codes, as they let you authenticate your login when you're unable to access your device.

Tip: Treat your recovery codes with the same security as you would your password. They should not be shared or distributed.

To generate a new set of recovery codes:
1. Click "Account" then "Password & Security" from the dropdown menu.
2. Click the "Recovery Codes" tab.
3. Enter your "Current Password" and click "Go"
4. 5 unique single-use only recovery codes will be displayed which you can use to log into Kahootz.

Note: Recovery codes are single use only, so you'll need to store them somewhere safe because they won't be shown again once you leave the page.
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